With us you will see that a smart home is convenient, easy to use and eco-friendly
With us you will see that a smart home is convenient, easy to use and eco-friendly
Is a new step in the evolution of a comfortable home. Our mission is to make the Smart Home system simple, understandable and accessible to everyone. With us you will see that a smart home is convenient, easy to use and eco-friendly.

We have been installing and designing Smart Home systems in Spain for more than 10 years. Education in the field of telecommunications and construction, accumulated life experience and years of practice — all this allows us to make a Smart home the way you dreamed of.

Each client for us is an individual solution and high quality of work. And the first consultation from us is FREE!
our mission

    Our system allows energy conservation due to the automatic control and programming of all electrical points. Blinds, thermostats, valves, and sensors can communicate with each other, automatically reducing energy consumption and, thus, taking care of the environment.

    Do not waste your time and allow technology to take care of routine tasks. Our system permits you to control your entire home from a single place. It allows you to define the lighting, temperature, or music parameters you prefer for each occasion by pressing a single button.

    Automatic communication between smart devices implies a considerable financial profit. Automatic system responses can save 15−40% each month on your light and water bill.

    The automatic security system is always alert during nights or long absences. It allows you to connect all kinds of sensors and detectors from the App and protect your home wherever you are.

    You can control all the options in your home from a single App and from anywhere in the world. Make your home appear inhabited, even when no one is around, with the "Presence Simulation" feature.

    With the smart-home system, your home can make optimal decisions on each occasion to guarantee responsible and efficient energy consumption, considering the outside temperature during any season of the year.
our works
описание в три строчки
Underwater wearable
An accessory for any occasion, from a nice dinner to an underwater swim.
Sac Marin Yellow
Marinetmarine store backpack. The Sac Marin can be worn as a backpack or as a bag over one shoulder.
Dining Chair
With a new design approach for flexible use: from a dinner for two to a big celebration.
Underwater wearable watche
An accessory for any occasion, from a nice dinner to an underwater swim.
Sac Marin Yellow
Marinetmarine store backpack. The Sac Marin can be worn as a backpack or as a bag over one shoulder.

    It allows complete and exclusive control of all lighting points, both interior and exterior. Also, permit the creation and automation of scenarios integrated with the rest of the system, with on/off controls or intensity regulation, by circuit, by room, or by floor, among others. The configuration of scenes in a simple way to carry out a group of actions with just one button: "I'm leaving" scenario, "watch a movie" scenario, or "I've arrived" scenario. Presence detectors allow the programming of self-regulation, intensity adjustment, night lighting, and many other options for your home or business premises.

    Allows remote control and programming of awnings, blinds, curtains, and smart glass. Permit integration with the outdoor weather station for an automated solar protection system. Time programming and creation of scenes for the Presence Simulation provide an additional security system and energy consumption when operating simultaneously with the air conditioning system.

    Our system permits complete control of temperature and relative humidity in all rooms, with remote monitoring sensors, optimization of machine power, integration of different types of installations into one, and the possibility of remote activation of each device. The air quality sensors, which provide real-time data on temperature, humidity, or CO2, allow the system to be completely automatic, significantly reducing the consumed energy.

    Temperature, humidity, smoke, gas, and Presence Sensors notify us in real-time of any incidents you may have in your home. Window or door opening sensors alert us of any incident that took place during your absence. Knowing all this data in real-time on your mobile phone gives you extra security and peace of mind.

    It allows you to manage the entry and/or exit of people to the building itself or to rooms. Counting and identification of users, allowing or denying access to buildings, rooms, rooms or common areas, depending on the permissions granted. It also has Multi-Room opening, that is, a guest-oriented access control system, which allows the opening of different rooms with a single key, being able to configure their schedules

    It is decisive when managing the energy demand of the home or building in order to improve its efficiency and reliability. Not only is total consumption measured, but the different factors that make it up are measured, with subsequent analysis of all the results. This is especially beneficial from an environmental and also economic point of view
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    Project manager in Pixels
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Feel free to write, call, and visit us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
C/Caballero de Rodas no 27, Bajo
Torrevieja, Alicante, 03181
(+34) 634 126 849
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