Learn basics of design thinking
UX/UI design in practice with rapid and clear feedback at each step
Why learn design
everyone needs design
Arranging data for clients. Need to improve materials delivered to clients and students.
Starting a career in design. Ready to get basic knowledge and land a top-demand job
Working as a designer. Want to get more tools and features to keep design-skills cutting edge
With Befront you
Develop your design thinking
Learn UX/UI design basics by taking up bite-sized challenges
Get started right
Do simple exercises and feel safe in making errors. Practice based knowledge
Master your skills up to pixels' accuracy
Learn new skills using Befront brand-new Figma plugin
Don’t worry, make errors — just practice
Practice makes perfect
Check your level and track your progress


Gain hands-on learning experience from challenges and quizzes


Use your skills in real projects. Create your portfolio


Get deep into UI/UX design approach without boring theory
An artificial intellect gives swift feedback and ensures faster learning
Go ahead with Be-front
Be innovative
Get access to courses and challenges anytime and anywhere.
Be fast
Get challenges from artificial intelligence that gives tasks and corrects errors in real time
Be on-trend
Experience a brand-new technology. No moderators needed
Be sophisticated in soft-skills
Learn to discuss terms of work with clients and to interact with the team
Befront learning process aims to provide you with tangible results. Immediately after the courses you can apply for a job or take your first projects in design
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The view of images in the critical perspective is when the viewers criticize the images.
Be-front. Make first steps in design